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Ronald and Noelia (Nicaragua)

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Flavour Description: Plum, Peach, Silky.

Producer: Ronald and Noelia.

Farm: Finca Los Regalos.

Region: Las Nubes, Nicaragua.

Varietal: Catuai.

Process: Washed.



Ronald and Noelia are an amazing coffee producing family who work super hard to support their 11 children. Times are hard in Nicaragua. An unstable economy together with low coffee prices provide little opportunity and rewards for smallholder producers like Ronald and Noelia. However their drive and commitment to quality has lead them to amazing achievements. Their coffee is now being exported all over the world. Roasters, like us, are paying high prices for it and ensuring the quality premium that we pay is going directly to them. In the last few years they’ve been able to build a new home, buy more land for more coffee trees and improve fertilisation to achieve higher coffee yields. Despite this the times are still challenging for coffee producers in this region. Over the past few years we’ve loved spending time with Ronald and Noelia and shared magical moments where we brewed their coffee for them on their farm amongst the upcoming harvest.

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