River Community Fund

We are on a mission to provide opportunity and sustainability for the producers whom we buy coffee from. As well as buying these coffees for a fair price we're also donating a proportion of revenue to communities who we feel could benefit from this.

This year the River Community fund will focus on the 'Las Nubes' community in Nicaragua. Las Nubes is situated high up in the mountain ranges just outside of a town called Matagalpa. The name Las Nubes translates to ‘The Clouds’. This community has a magical microclimate where sunny spells mix with dense cloud. This change in weather stress’s and provides protection for the coffee plants resulting in high quality coffee production.

Over the last decades the coffee growing families of Las Nubes have struggled. Nicaragua as a country is one of the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. Amongst political and economical unrest and rising and falling coffee prices its been a turbulent time for many coffee producers in Nicaragua. However, times are changing and the coffee producers of Las Nubes are beginning to export their coffee resulting in achieving higher prices. Despite these changes, the community of Las Nubes could really benefit from additional support. This is where WE can make a difference.

This year River brought over 500 kilograms of coffee from the producers of Las Nubes. It arrived in the UK with us in October 2018. We will be donating £1 for every 250grams of Las Nubes grown coffee that we sell. We have 3 microlots from 3 different producers that are all tasting outstanding.

During Wills time in Las Nubes the River Team produced a short video to give an over view of what life in the community is like. Please feel free to watch the video below to meet the people and learn more about this amazing community.

Buy The coffee here and help to make an impact for the people of Las Nubes!