On the ground in producing countries

We visit and spend time in the countries in which we source coffee from. Understanding cultures, developing long last relationships, exchanging knowledge and learning about coffee production set the foundations of River.


Building relationships with small scale producers

We invest time to visit and develop relationships with small scale producers, helping to find ways to improve quality and export their coffees. We've found some small scale isolated farms are producing amazing quality coffee and we are so excited to work with these people and communities going forward, and to roast these for you. 


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Learning from one another, exchanging knowledge and discussing how we can work and grow sustainably together

We love listening and learning about producers coffee journeys, their inspiration, and the aspirations that they have for the future. We really believe that talking and listening is crucial for building long term happy and lasting relationships, resulting in us all benefitting and growing together. 


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Giving back to communities to promote sustainability, opportunities and long term progression

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