Source Blend

Source Blend

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Source combines coffee from Colombia and El Salvador delivering balance, complex acidity and silky body with flavour notes of red berries, caramel and ripe plums. Source works amazingly well as espresso, long black drinks and with milk. We recommend Source for espresso, mokka pot and cafetière brewing methods.

The Components

Source has been carefully sourced and roasted to produce fruit driven notes, complex acidity and high sweetness in the cup. 60% stems from a community located near to Timana in the Huila region of Colombia. 40% of this blend is from Santa Ana in El Salvador. The combination of these coffees results in great quality and flavour characteristics. At River HQ this is our go to afternoon ‘spro.

Tasting Notes: Source is complex and silky with flavours of red berries, caramel and ripe plums. Source is perfect for a bright layered espresso but also works well when combined with milk.

Available as coffee beans only. For coffee grinding options please see our equipment offering.