Sugar Valley Decaf (Colombia)

Sugar Valley Decaf (Colombia)

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Producer: The community of Timana.

Region: Timana, Huila, Colombia.

Varietal: Castillo, Colombia.

Process: Fully washed and dried. Then processed using a natural ‘Sugar Cane’ method and a natural ‘Mountain Water’ method.

Tasting notes: Tropical fruits, candy, creamy body and super high sweetness. You wouldn’t know its a decaf.

When we landed for the first time in Manziales (Colombia) we heard about a factory in the town using the Colombian grown sugar cane and mountain water to remove decaf from the coffee beans. The whole process is carried out within a producing country and the method results in the coffee retaining its natural flavour characteristics and even increasing the complexity and sweetness of the coffees taste and flavour...its a big win win! Later that year we flew to Timana, a small town in the south of Colombia. Here the coffee is amazing (so fruity and sweet from the high altitudes and unique climates). This is the coffee that we decided to buy for the decaf and as a result of the coffee and the natural decaffeination processes it brings tasting notes of..