sourcing and roasting unique and exquisite coffee from people and communities in coffee producing countries


Our Mission

River Coffee Roasters are on a mission to source, roast and supply unique and exquisite coffees from real people and communities through direct relationships. We aim to deliver high quality speciality coffees to our wholesale and online partners; providing provenance, training, and support in order to create the ultimate coffee experience. Our roastery is located in Winchester, Hampshire.

Through direct relationships with producers we are able to ensure quality premiums we pay end up directly back in the hands of the producer, working collectively together towards overall progression. In autumn 2018 we will launch our 'River Communities' fund, each year this fund will focus on a community in need of additional social and environmental support. This years River Community fund with focus on the 'Las Nubes' region of Nicaragua. Read more about our community project here. Our aim, by 2020, is to source and buy 100% of the coffee we roast directly from coffee producers and communities around the world. 

Why river?

After months of visiting and spending time with producers across Latin America one thing became apparent; just how important the abundance of water supply is to support people and produce coffee. Many coffee communities and farms have beautiful rivers running through them, or surrounding them, where this vital water is used in the processing of coffee and support and maintenance of land. 

In coffee consuming countries we also rely on rivers. Rivers flow all over the world, connecting country to country, bringing us together. 

‘Water within rivers is full of life, and rivers face a difficult journey with many obstacles and paths in their way. The rivers path often splits but comes back together and meets again. The strength and determination of river water flows and with it gains momentum. Just like rivers we, River Coffee Roasters, carry our determination and strength with us so that we can make a difference in producing countries to deliver our amazing coffee to coffee lovers all over the world’. 

The roots of our logo 


Icon Dark Blue. TRans background.png

Land, water, altitude and sunlight are key foundations in the production of coffee. But, without people and communities coffee production would not be possible. Our logo showcases these important foundations and ties our strong links to the people and communities involved in the production of coffee.