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Source Blend

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Our Original Source blend turns up the acidity and complex fruit notes to offer a coffee with edge. Sourced from only washed processed coffees, Source delivers a silky body and has a clean tasting profile. A favourite at River HQ.

Flavour Description: 

Summertime ripe plums meet sweet red berries, mixed with caramel. Full of sweetness and a juicy body.

Origins: Colombia & El Salvador 

Process: Washed Process 

Flavour Notes: Ripe Plum, Caramel, Red Berries

The Components:

Source has been carefully sourced and roasted to produce fruit driven notes, complex acidity and high sweetness in the cup. 50% stems from a collection of smallholder producers in Pitalito, Colombia, known as Macizo del Guarapas. The other 50% of this blend is from a producer called Fernando Lima in El Salvador. The combination of these coffees results in great quality and flavour characteristics. At River HQ this is our go to afternoon ‘spro.


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